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Infrastructure projects such as: earthworks, drainage, paving. Calculation and design of technical foundations and containments projects, molded concrete structures in loco, structural brickwork and industrial floors. Technical consultancies in structures, structural reports, evaluation and reinforcements.


Technical projects, calculations and sizing of electrical installations and auxiliary systems with data, voice and cftv. Consulting in the energy area regarding system optimization and facility verification with conclusive report.


Air conditioning technical projects, exhaust and ventilation installations, energy calculations and balancing. Consulting in the area, with evaluation and verification of facilities with conclusive report.


Calculation and development of metallic structures technical projects such as: mezzanines, roofs, building structures and industrial elements like pipe-racks. Technical consultancies in structures, structural reports evaluation and reinforcements.


Hydraulic installations technical projects drafting. Optimization consulting on water consumption and evaluation and facilitiy verification with conclusive report.

Fire Fighting

Calculations and Technical projects of fire fighting installations. Consulting on optimizing water consumption, evaluation and verification facilities with a conclusive report.

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